Mastering Guerrilla Marketing 1

I’m currently reading a book I first found in the Chicago Public Library about a year ago. It’s called Mastering Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson. Thus far, it is an excellent book full of helpful, easy-to-understand information and tips on making my business the most successful it can be. Here’s a quote I’d likeContinue reading “Mastering Guerrilla Marketing 1”

Jassy’s Convenience Mart: Home of the Jerky Buffet

On my move up to Chicago last week, we came across a gem (in the least beautiful and least glamorous meaning of the word “gem”) in the Midwest: Jassy’s Gas Station and Convenience Mart. Outside the eclectic town of Columbus, Indiana, at the ripped-up exit from I-65, lies a gas station and convenience mart byContinue reading “Jassy’s Convenience Mart: Home of the Jerky Buffet”

A Review of DreamHost

When I got a website last summer, I did my research (or so I thought). I looked into guaranteed uptime, and all those numerous factors I’ve completely forgotten about since. I thought I had found a good solution to my needs when I found DreamHost. Positivity before negativity: I never had space issues–I was alwaysContinue reading “A Review of DreamHost”