Casting & Directing


I have a lifetime of experience in a multitude of roles in entertainment, which helps me not only work well with actors and engineers, but also project-manage, problem solve, know when to flag issues, and ultimately deliver a magnificent product!

I am currently directing the English dub of a Korean mystery drama. On our second season!

I take my responsibility as a voice and casting director very seriously in today’s world, and especially when working on projects from overseas. I am committed to truly diverse casting (ethnic and cultural background, disability, gender expression, neurodivergence, etc.), bringing in new talent, and being an ally to my casts and teams.

I am also founder and wrangler of Why Not? Loop Group. Based in Los Angeles, Why Not? Loop Group boasts both union and non-union casting. From live action to animation, we loop television, features, and more. Walla, localization, role replacement/voice matching, etc.

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