Script Adapter

My name is Morgan, and I’d love to write for you. I’m experienced in VoiceQ, fluent in Japanese, and have credits with Netflix and Disney+.

High-quality script adaptation for your English dub

Also known as ADR writing, I provide services to multiple localization and dubbing studios to adapt and timecode translated scripts for dubbing shows, movies, and games into English. I have adapted for Netflix, Disney+ and HBO. I work on any source language, and offer extra value for Japanese-language projects as I speak Japanese and lived in Osaka for a year (I’m also able to deliver pronunciation guides). I get consistently positive feedback from clients. The creative problem solving of finding voices for each character and of faithfully representing culture is one of the joys of the job.

I have a rich history within the localization industry, which not only improves our interactions and informs my approach to this art, but provides an informed perspective which helps me to flag any unique aspects that may impact your project. I’ve worked in subtitle coordination; interfaced directly with translators; built a workflow from scratch to localize Amazon’s Japanese Originals into English and other languages; worked full-time in Scripting where I created dialogue lists, spotting lists, sensitivity lists, and creative series/feature overviews; as an actor, I also dub and run my own loop group.


Familiarity with Netflix and Disney+ standards

Lip sync and UN/lector/voice-over style

Japanese fluency

Experienced in VoiceQ

Experienced with anime, animation, and live action

“This script is phenomenal. I have barely had to touch a thing! Sync and intention are so on point.” – director, Turkish-language live action drama

“I just wanted to thank you for providing an AMAZING adaptation for [redacted].” – client, Swedish-language animated musical feature

Just wanted to let you know that I spoke to the recording engineers on this show yesterday and they said the Directors are really impressed with this team’s adaptation work. They said there’s hardly any re-writes, they’ve been able to record quite quickly and they can tell all the work is adapted to fit timing and lip flap, not just a direct translation so thanks again for being such a great team!” – client, Korean-language melodrama series