Morgan Bailey Keaton

actress, casting/voice director


Morgan Bailey Keaton is a performer and casting/director, specializing in voice-over, animation, and motion capture. She also studies Japanese rakugo theatre and performance.




Conversational commercials, energetic and genuine characters, lively and creative motion capture. Morgan has trained with Charlie Adler, Bob Bergen, Julene Renee, Pat Fraley, and others.

+ An example of Morgan’s work with the Telly Award-winning “Something’s happening at the Y!” campaign:

4 responses to “Home

  1. Dan Nims says:

    Hello! Just opened your website and heard your demo tracks. Very pleasant and perky! Best wishes for continued success.

    Dan Nims
    Eugene, Oregon

  2. lauren kasdan says:

    you sound great! come back to louisville sometime. your new fan, lauren

  3. Cesar says:

    Hi Morgan,

    You sound great! Perhaps we can discuss some work for Arenas Promotions soon.


  4. Gregoryjarry says:

    10 Best Dating Sites (2019):

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