Steeped in the stage, now a steaming cup of microphone

Morgan was raised a classically trained actor. She and her best friend (now independent journalist and NPR correspondent) Emily Chen-Newton debuted as Aslan’s helpers in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in 1998 at Walden Theatre (Jennifer Lawrence went there!). It was around the time of Morgan’s first appearance in a main-stage production, when she portrayed Mrs. Slammekin, a “woman of the night”, in The Beggar’s Opera that she realized she was destined for greatness.

After a life-changing moment while watching Looney Tunes, her purpose turned entirely to voice-over and getting into cartoons. Morgan spent a year at DePaul University’s Theatre School in Chicago, where she happened to find Pat Fraley in her Voice & Speech class one day. Pat was the first person to guide her career. Eventually, she moved to Los Angeles and has been pursuing VO since (save for a one-year stint in Osaka, Japan. That’s normal).

Resume available upon request.

Ask an actor, “Can you do XYZ?” for a job, and they’ll say “Yes” and figure it out later. But Morgan truly has covered a lot of ground: she’s performed in numerous plays from Shakespeare and other classical theatre, all the way up to modern theatre; she’s studied musical theatre and IPA; she’s learned stage combat and fencing, as well as dabbled in broadsword; she’s played a mute clown and (successfully) taught children to juggle; she’s toured a production of Moliere’s Tartuffe; she founded and ran a “clowning club” in which she taught her high school peers circus skills such as juggling, cigar boxes, and rola bola (why not do them simultaneously!), and then in turn taught kindergarteners at their K-12 school; and the list goes on.